Why I Adore Designer Resale and Why Others Should Too!

It surprises people, but I'm super frugal. Being a saver is a core part of my being. Most people seem to think that you can't possibly like designer items if you're frugal.

I always tell these people: First, many designer items hold their value. If you always buy at resale, you can oftentimes sell at the same resale price or sometimes, for even more! Overall, from my designer resale purchases, I've actually come out ahead. Whereas, my cheaper clothes have only cost me money in the long-run.

To do this, I always buy any fashion item that retails for more than $1000, pre-owned or deeply discounted. And, I always take great care of these items.

Also, a great designer item saves time. I don't end up trying 101 mediocre dresses before a special event; I just grab one of my beloved Herve Leger dresses, and voila, I feel dynamite.

If it's within your budget, it makes sense to get things that you LOVE instead of things that you tire of quickly. Quality over quantity. If more people applied these rules, they'd realize that designer items (at resale) can save them money and time in the long-run!

The only caveat... Traversing the resale world is tricky due to counterfeits. You can end up with a heck-of-a-deal or end up spending hundreds or thousands on something completely shoddy and worthless.

That's why Lollipuff is so hyper-focused and obsessed with authenticity. We're here to aid you in the hunt for something fabulous at a wonderful price!

If you're not already familiar, Lollipuff can help you authenticate a designer item.

wearing: Rails button up (similar here), Express crop top, Frame Ali high-rise skinny jeans, skinny brown leather belt (similar here), Vince Camuto wedge ankle boot (similar here), vintage Chanel bag
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