Fast Forward Time

The last few months have been surreal, and so much of my thinking and future plans have transformed, not to mention my ensembles. Pregnancy is uncomfortable! These days, comfort and simplicity is everything.

wearing: Express blouse (very similar here), H&M Mama maternity leggingsTory Burch Chelsea shoes, orange caviar Chanel bag

In the last month, so much has happened. I finished a interior design project (more on this later). The baby inside of me is over 15 ounces now (about 5 months) and kicking and punching constantly, and she is on my brain just as often as she kicks. LOL. AND... we bought a house!

To say that our little bun in the oven has already changed the way that my hubby and I think and plan is a severe understatement.

On to lighter things... Nothing has made me go on a fashion diet more so than a baby! All I want is to be comfortable these days. Stow away the heels, heck even rigid maternity jeans. My favorite object (aside from our house) right now are these SIMPLE, BASIC H&M Mama maternity leggings. I have 2 pairs, and they are ABSOLUTELY necessary. They feel like you're wearing nothing, and all I got to do is pair it with a loose button-up blouse, some nice small heel or flat shoes, and a quality bag, and I'm ready for the world.

Plus, it's risky buying any investment pieces right now. Who knows if my shoe size or hip size will change after all of this. 😛

Anyway, the second trimester is far from perfect. I still have nausea in the morning, but it is significantly better. But, best of all and most importantly, I feel so close to this tiny little girl inside of me, more so than I could have ever imagined. She'll be here sooner than we'll realize; I just hope as many things as possible will be aligned when we finally lock eyes.

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