Fashion Essentials: How To Tuck and Cuff

It's kind of amazing how an outfit can improve so much with proper tucking and cuffing. Here are 4 essential, basic ways to cuff or tuck pants, tops and sleeves.

Before cuffing and tucking on the left, and after cuffing and tucking on the right.

Button-Up Top Sleeve Cuff

Create 1 big cuff by making one big fold. Then, fold that big cuff in half to make the final smaller cuff. By folding this way, the cuff is more resistant to unrolling.

According to current fashion trends, the bottom of the cuff should rest just below the elbow.

Tee Sleeve Cuff

A loose short-sleeve t-shirt always seems to look better with its sleeves rolled a bit. However, I find that rolled sleeves have a tendency to unroll. For this reason, I usually add a few stitches to the rolled sleeves, since I'll never wear the t-shirt with the sleeves un-rolled.

Top Tuck

According to current fashion, just the front part of the bottom of the top should be tucked in with the sides down. A completely tucked in shirt can look a bit stuffy for casual wear, and uneven tucking actually has a leg-elongating effect. 🙂

Shortening Pants or Jeans by Proper Cuffing

There's a couple ways to roll your jeans. Here's the best way. Pull in excess fabric material inside, then pull it partially back out, exposing just the hem edge. Finally, fold the hem edge on top. Voila! A very clean-looking, shortened pant!

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