Chanel Classic Double Flap Superfake Examples

We've seen others post a few online examples of superfake Chanel bags. But, in reality, most of the bags that are being shown are not at all superfakes. Rather, they are extremely obvious counterfeits.

Over time, counterfeits have become more and more convincing, scaringly so. We're here to show you a detailed account of a couple TRUE examples of super fake bags.

Unfortunately, because counterfeiters learn from authenticators, we will not be able to enumerate or confirm the errors associated with these classic double flap bags. But, we assure you, these are counterfeit bags with quite a few errors throughout.

Black Caviar Medium Classic Double Flap Bag

Chanel black caviar medium classic double flap superfake fake Chanel CC hardware counterfeit Chanel backplate hardwarehow to authenticate Chanel replica superfake bags superfake Chanel zipper pull Chanel superfake serial sticker

Red Caviar Jumbo Classic Double Flap Bag

red caviar super fake Chanel jumbo double flap bagChanel counterfeit snap closure hardware Chanel fake backplate hardware Chanel fake YKK zipper pull hardware   fake CC hardware on jumbo flap ChanelFake superfake chanel serial card fake serial sticker on superfake Chanel handbag  fake Chanel made in stamp on superfake bag

Needless to say, serial stickers are counterfeited very well on higher quality replicas now. For quite a while now, it is no longer a one stop area to check the authenticity of a bag.

Images do speak volumes and answer questions of what the state of fakes are. We hope that this was helpful. At the very least, we hope you found this interesting.

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