Create a New Authentication Request

Email authentication for all brands and types are $25 (Except Hermes Bags Authentication at $50). A certificate may be added after an email authentication for $25.

The certificate option is $50 for all brands and types except Hermes bag certificates which are $75.

  • Pricing: $25

Lollipuff is on a mission against fakes and counterfeits for designer brands. Over the years, we’ve built up a lot of expertise (and data) about various brands… and our reputation in the community as a trusted leader in authentication is unparalleled.

To get started, simply provide photos of the item -or- a link to the item’s online listing.

Photograph + Submit

Review + Authenticate

Report + Certificate

What We Require

We will require a number of pictures of the item. The specific pictures will vary in number and subject depending on the brand and type of item (eg. Hermes handbags require a good many pictures). But don’t worry, we’ll walk you through which pictures we need. If the pictures you provide are insufficient for authentication (too few, too blurry, too small, etc), then we will request additional photos.

Rapid response Authentication

We typically respond to an authentication request within 24 hours.

Email Authentication

Email authentication is not a certificate or formal authentication document for PayPal or credit card companies. It is an opinion of the authenticity of the item in question based on Lollipuff’s extensive authenticity knowledge.

Lollipuff Authentication Certificates

A certificate includes Lollipuff’s business letterhead including address, phone number, unique certificate number, shareable website link and our opinion regarding the authenticity of the item. This certificate typically meets the requirements of credit card, PayPal, and other disputes.

If we are unable to make the “authentic” -vs- “counterfeit” determination, the service fee will be refunded– assuming the determination was not due to insufficient or low-quality pictures. (We may ask for additional photos; if the necessary photos cannot be provided, the service fee will not be refunded.) In this latter situation, the authentication request may be used for a different item of the same cost at a future date.

Lollipuff is not liable for any losses incurred due to services rendered.